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7 November 2008

e2v renews strategic supply agreement with Freescale Semiconductor and announces plans to expand the agreement to include MRAM products

e2v renews strategic supply agreement with Freescale Semiconductor and announces plans to expand the agreement to include MRAM products

e2v, a leading designer and manufacturer of components and sub systems, today announced the renewal of its established agreement with Freescale Semiconductor to develop and supply extended reliability versions of its microprocessors.  In addition, e2v and Freescale also announced that they are exploring the expansion of their existing relationship to include Magnetoresistive Random Access Memory (MRAM) products.

This agreement builds on the long-standing relationship between e2v and Freescale, enabling e2v to produce extended reliability versions of their microprocessors through additional screening, packaging and qualifications to meet military and aerospace standards.

The agreement also demonstrates e2v’s continued investment in developing a product portfolio targeting extended reliability markets, such as defence and aerospace.

“We are delighted that our long-term agreement with Freescale has been renewed,” said Thierry Gouvernel, General Manager of e2v’s Broadband Data Converters, Microprocessors & Services Business unit. “We also look forward to expanding our portfolio to include MRAM products. They will ideally complement our microprocessor products for embedded applications in severe environments by combining higher speed and increased reliability compared to other non-volatile memory solutions,”

“Freescale’s long-established relationship with e2v is a key factor in the growing adoption of Power Architecture technology-based microprocessors in the aeronautics and defence industries,” said Denis Griot, Senior Vice President and General Manager, Europe, Middle East & Africa (EMEA) region for Freescale.  “The anticipated addition of Freescale’s MRAM products to e2v’s future product portfolio will enable customers to benefit from the exceptional price/performance, endurance and reliability this revolutionary non-volatile memory technology is bringing to these demanding markets.”

About MRAM technology

Magnetoresistive Random Access Memory (MRAM) is a memory technology that provides a unique combination of fast read and write cycle times with non-volatility and unlimited endurance. The technology protects data in the event of power loss and does not require periodic refresh.

For any application that must permanently store and retrieve data quickly, MRAM provides an ideal solution.  MRAM support has been identified as a strategic choice for the benefit of customers in the defence and aerospace sector for three main reasons: Firstly, it is a non-volatile memory capable of providing data retention for more than 10 years. Second, it provides ultra-fast read/write cycles of 35 ns, similar to SRAM. Finally, it provides exceptional endurance, with data stored by polarization rather than charge, meaning that no leakage or soft errors occur.



e2v technologies plc

e2v technologies is a leading designer, developer and manufacturer of specialised components and subsystems, falling within two product groups:

  •   Electronic tubes
  •  Sensors and Semiconductors

These products enable some of the world’s leading OEMs to deliver innovative systems for medical and science, aerospace and defence, and commercial and industrial applications.

For the year ended 31 March 2007, e2v achieved sales of £174m and is listed on the London Stock Exchange (e2v.l).  In July 2006 e2v technologies plc acquired a leading designer, manufacturer and distributor of specialised electronic components and sub-systems, based in Grenoble, France and in May of 2007 e2v plc acquired MiCS Microchemical Systems SA a designer and manufacturer of semiconductor based gas sensors.  These acquisitions strengthen the Group’s position as a major global provider of specialised electronic components and subsystems.

e2v’s products are supplied into three core market areas:

  •    Medical & Science: Sensor technology includes imaging sensors for intra-oral and panoramic dental X-ray, mammography, life science applications and X-ray microscopy. Electronic tubes are the enabling technology behind radiotherapy cancer treatments, microwave medical therapy and high-energy physics.
  •    Aerospace & Defence: Sensor technology includes products for military surveillance, targeting and guidance, space-based imaging and astronomy, radar, electronic warfare, and broadband data converters and microprocessors for aerospace applications.  Electronic tubes provide the enabling technology behind radars, electronic countermeasures (ECM), electronic warfare and satellite communications.
  •    Commercial & Industrial: Sensor technology includes marine radars, industrial safety sensors, automotive radars and alarms, thermal imaging cameras used by fire fighters, CCD and CMOS high resolution line scan cameras for industrial inspection. Electronic tubes provide enabling technology behind TV broadcast, satellite communications, marine radar and food & industrial processing.

The overall purpose of the business is to grow sustainable shareholder value whilst appropriately meeting the expectations of customers, people, partners, suppliers and the wider community.  e2v’s vision is to create value through bright ideas in technology and materials science. The Company’s mission is to place customers at the heart of the business, providing enabling products of premium quality that extend technical barriers and enhance the competitive position of our partners.

e2v has approximately 1,800 employees worldwide with three UK based manufacturing sites in Chelmsford, Lincoln and High Wycombe, one in Grenoble, France and one in Corcelles, Switzerland.  In addition e2v has sales offices in the UK, USA, Germany, France and Hong Kong, as well as a network of distributors and representatives covering other key territories.

Further information on e2v technologies plc is available from its website,

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